New Work: The Past One Year

*This Gallery was last updated early January, 2017.  

This has been a year filled with great victories, challenges and evolution in my life.   You can see through this art that the natural world is a source of great inpiration for me right here, but also I have chosen to spend more time at home this year, forgoing the 5-continent travels of 2015 to focus on my home life and family and more.  Still, my summer spent in Alaska and BC yielded some of my most exciting images to date and I have managed to capture some exciting storms in the Southwest as well as mountain images from the Yukon while conducting my tours in these regions.   I hope you enjoy! 

A new collection of images from winter will be added this March.  

Crystal, ice, icicle, canadian rockies, rockies, canada, alberta, marc adamus, snow, winter, mountains, ice cave, abraham
white mountains, bristlecones, pine, old, ancient, tree, gnarled, bark, wood, california, marc adamus, unique, sunset
Lenticular, cloud, rockies, ice, winter, spray lakes, Alberta, Canada
Wildflowers, summer, mountains, glacier, bc, alaska, cascades
Arizona, Monsoon, Grand Canyon, Lightning, Storm, Rainfall
Bristlecone, oldest, tree, moon, sunset, remote, unique, white mountains, tres plumas
global warming, desertification, desert, sand dunes, dunes, California, Joshua tree
Glacier, Montana, Lake, Rainbow, Waves, Storm, Sunrise
Arizona, Lightning, Storm, Unique, arch
Sierra, Cactus, Snow, Clearing, Storm, Sunrise, Alabama, Mist, Fog, Movie Road
Albera, ice, blowing, wind, cold, snow, motion, movement, winter
Cholla, Lighting, Arizona
Capitol Reef, Clouds, Layers, Patterns, Aerial, Boulder Mountain
Fitz Roy, Argentina, Sucia
Ice, Arch, Glacier, Unique, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Alaska, Mountains, Frozen
iceberg, reflection, coast mountains, bc, alaska
clearing, mist, fog, peaks, lake, reflection, yukon, ogilvie
Mojave, Cactus, Joshua Tree, Sunset, Desert, California
Lengus, tree, ice, icecap, glacier, frozen, patagonia, lago grey, chile
Paradise, beauty, waterfall, mystical, gaia, mountains, BC, alaska, coast mountains
lone, badlands, utah, caineville, factory butte
yukon, ogilvie, fog, misty, peaks, jagged
Moon, Moonlight, Moonbow, Rainbow, Night, Glacier, Montana, Autumn
mountains, patagonia, serac, glacier, towers, ice, snow, cold, chile
Mount temple, banff, moon, sunrise, winter
Joshua Tree, California, Death Valley, Unique, Dramatic
cold, sky, lenticular, ice, wind, winter, snow, blowing, alberta, wave, clouds, mountains
Arizona, Brain Rock, Brainrock, lone tree, white pocket, vermillion
fall, autumn, yukon, layers
South Rim, Grand Canyon, Snow, Unique, Dramatic, Arizona
Cactus, Desert, Wildflowers, Spring, Arizona, Superstition, Mountains
Cactus, Desert, Wildflowers, Spring, Arizona, Superstition, Mountains
winter, banff, trees, avalanche, canada, lonely
storm, layers, arizona, sandstone, vermillion cliffs, colorado plateau
Ice, Mirror, Blue, Ice Cave, Canada
Fall, Aspen, Idaho
mountains, dramatic, storm, glacier, peaks, summit, british columbia, alaska