Makalu, Himalaya, Tibet, Kharta, Autumn, Fall, 8000m, photo
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Himalaya Autumn

Himalayan Tibet

In a place few westerners have ever seen, and I knew, owing to logistical difficulties and permits, I would never get back to; my foremost goal was to capture the unique fall colors of the Kharta Valley in Tibet.  Immersed in the middle of the highest 8000 meter peaks, the valley offers a one of a kind combination of autumn foliage below the glacier-clad summits.  Here, after crashing through an extraordinary amount of neck-deep brush in the dark, I was able to render an image that captured both, with a small stream leading through the colorful bushes towards the peaks below Makalu, the world's 5th highest summit. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

New Work: The past one year

Makalu, snow, blowing, wind, storm, power, dramatic, winter, cold, himalaya, tibet
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Steve Zigler, Himalaya, Tibet, Mountains
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Makalu, Himalaya, Tibet, Kharta, Autumn, Fall, 8000m
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