Joshua Tree, California, Death Valley, Unique, Dramatic, photo
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Dark Day in the Light

Lee Flat, California

Dust catches the light against a naturally dark backdrop looking into the sun through a long lens at Joshua Trees. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

New Work: The past one year

Glacier, Montana, Lake, Rainbow, Waves, Storm, Sunrise
Arizona, Monsoon, Grand Canyon, Lightning, Storm, Rainfall
Ice, Arch, Glacier, Unique, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Alaska, Mountains, Frozen
Wildflowers, summer, mountains, glacier, bc, alaska, cascades
iceberg, reflection, coast mountains, bc, alaska
Cholla, Lighting, Arizona
clearing, mist, fog, peaks, lake, reflection, yukon, ogilvie
Arizona, Lightning, Storm, Unique, arch
Fitz Roy, Argentina, Sucia
Paradise, beauty, waterfall, mystical, gaia, mountains, BC, alaska, coast mountains
yukon, ogilvie, fog, misty, peaks, jagged
Moon, Moonlight, Moonbow, Rainbow, Night, Glacier, Montana, Autumn
mountains, patagonia, serac, glacier, towers, ice, snow, cold, chile
Mount temple, banff, moon, sunrise, winter
Joshua Tree, California, Death Valley, Unique, Dramatic
Arizona, Brain Rock, Brainrock, lone tree, white pocket, vermillion
fall, autumn, yukon, layers
South Rim, Grand Canyon, Snow, Unique, Dramatic, Arizona
Cactus, Desert, Wildflowers, Spring, Arizona, Superstition, Mountains
Cactus, Desert, Wildflowers, Spring, Arizona, Superstition, Mountains
winter, banff, trees, avalanche, canada, lonely
storm, layers, arizona, sandstone, vermillion cliffs, colorado plateau
Ice, Mirror, Blue, Ice Cave, Canada
Fall, Aspen, Idaho
mountains, dramatic, storm, glacier, peaks, summit, british columbia, alaska