mountain, condor, storm, freedom, winds, alone, photo
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For Eternity

Paine Grande, Chile

This is a photograph about finding calm amidst the storm.  It is a story about the battles we live in life and the desire to set ourselves free. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

New Work: The past one year

Makalu, snow, blowing, wind, storm, power, dramatic, winter, cold, himalaya, tibet
South Rim, Grand Canyon, Snow, Unique, Dramatic, Arizona
Lone tree, tree, winter, struggle, emerge, canada, jasper, snow
Yukon, peaks, mountains, dramatic
Cactus, Desert, Wildflowers, Spring, Arizona, Superstition, Mountains
Steve Zigler, Himalaya, Tibet, Mountains
mountain, condor, storm, freedom, winds, alone
arizona, tucson, sonoran, desert, lighting, thunderstorm, cactus
night, aurora, yukon, canada, ogilvie, peaks, mountains
Cactus, Desert, Wildflowers, Spring, Arizona, Superstition, Mountains
winter, banff, trees, avalanche, canada, lonely
Everest, himalaya, river, unique, autumn, fall, tibet
Storm, himalayan, tibet, dramatic
Joshua Tree, California, Death Valley, Unique, Dramatic
storm, layers, arizona, sandstone, vermillion cliffs, colorado plateau
Ice, Mirror, Blue, Ice Cave, Canada
Alaska, Glacier, Cave, Ice
Makalu, himalaya, tibet, sunset, autumn
Ice, Canada, abstract
Mount temple, banff, moon, sunrise, winter
Tibet, Storm
alaska, garden, spring, lupine, flowers, glacier, coast mountains
Makalu, Himalaya, Tibet, Kharta, Autumn, Fall, 8000m
Klamath, oregon, winter, cold
Utah, Lone tree, sandstone, colorado plateau, gnarled, moonrise, twilight
Qudangxiang, tibet, horseshoe bend, river, himalaya
waterfalls, alaska, wildflowers, summer, sunset, coast mountains
Sierra, Death Valley
Makalu, Waterfall, unique, himalaya, tibet
Birds, Everest, Tibet, Kangshung, Himalaya, Snow, cold
Everest, Tingri, Tibet
Glacier, Montana, tree, old, gnarled, windswept
aurora, moon, canada, peak
Cactus, desert, lightning, sonoran, phoenix, thunderstorm, monsoon
twilight, tufa, unique, cave, mono lake
Hot creek, Sierra, California
California, White Mountains, Bristlecone, Milky Way, Moon, Tres Plumas
fitz roy, argentina, autumn, fall, forest
Seal Rocks, oregon, coast, waves, sunset
Green, Spring, Olympic, Washington, Rain Forest
forest, patagonia, autumn, fall, wind, trees, gnarled
Coast Mountains, Alaska, Glacier
Alaska, wilderness, summer, flowers, remote, unique, glacier, coast mountains
Alaska, waterfall, stream, summer, flowers, remote, unique
fall, autumn, patagonia, fitz roy, unique
Mount Bachelor, Oregon, Wetland, Spring, Flowers, Moon, Sunset, Twilight
Olympic Coast, Washington, Wave
Old tree, Tree, Sunset, River, Vista, Argentina
Owens Valley, California, layers, colors, abstract
Hoh, Rain Forest, Washington, mossy, green, spring
patagonia, argentina, fall, autumn, unique, forest
Three Sisters, Oregon, Ice, Snow, Cave
trees, argentina, autumn, fall, beech
Boundary Range, Coast Mountains, Alaska, Cascade, Sunset
sunset, sandstone, dramatic, jagged, arizona, colorado plateau