washington, columbia hills, wildflower, mount hood, photo
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Shades of Morning

Columbia Hills, Washington

New techniques such as blending multiple focal points to overcome the camera's 'depth of field' limitations allow me to record images such as this with long lenses. Using my telephoto and several stacked focal points I was able to capture Mount Hood and the full moon setting as they appeared over Washington's wildflower-laden Columbia Hills one fine spring morning. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

Valleys and Deserts

washington, columbia hills, wildflower, mount hood
Spring, Sand Dunes, Dunes, Death Valley, California
Milky Way, Mono, Lake, night, long exposure, california
Empty Quarter, United Arab Emirates
Cactus, desert, lightning, sonoran, phoenix, thunderstorm, monsoon
california, owens valley, foliage
Mono Lake, sunset, California, waves, water, unique
Surreal, Otherworldly, Awesome, Lenticular, sunset, oregon, alvord, desert, storm
Rainbow, spring
Long exposure, Alvord, Playa, Oregon, Moonrise, Surreal, Night Sky, Lone, Reflection
twilight, tufa, unique, cave, mono lake
lonely, flower, oregon, alive
winds, blowing, sand, dunes, death valley, sunrise, light
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cholla, arizona, desert, spring, sunrise
Arizona, Dark, Dramatic, Sunset, Sandstone, Formations
death valley
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United Arab Emirates, Empty Quarter, dune
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Death Valley, Dunes, Winds, Sunset
Sand Tufa, Mono Lake, Unique, Night
Playa, Great Basin, Alkaline, mud cracks, cracks, desert
United Arab Emirates, Sand, contrast
Cracked, desert, abstract, playa, oregon
rainstorm, powerful, playa, desert, death valley, sagebrush
Death Valley, sunrise, augereberry
Death Valley, salt flats, stream, reflection, springs, beams, god beams, rays, sunset
playa, cracked, stormy, lone, dead, sagebrush, death valley
light, sunset, blooming, cactus, brittlebrush, arizona, kofa mountains
Mono, Lake, Sunset
Lone, Trees, Endless, Sand, United Arab Emirates
oregon, painted hills, national monument, spring, wildflowers, sunset, beautiful
sunset, balsamroot, flower, fields, hills, washington, columbia
Oregon, Painted Hills
sunset, sandstone, dramatic, jagged, arizona, colorado plateau
Colorado Plateau
Columbia River Gorge, Washington, Layers, Farmland
Lenticular, Owens River, California
White Pocket, Arizona, Sunset, reflected
original, mineral, california, mono lake, twilight
Moon, Sunrise, Eastern Sierra, Owens River, California
reflected, light, death valley, california, stream
Death Valley, wind, light, sunset, dunes
United Arab Emirates, Empty Quarter, dunes
mono lake, twilight, california, long exposure, clouds, water
United Arab Emirates, Dunes
colorful, fields, grasses, sage, willow, cottonwood, eastern sierra, sierra, owens valley, sunrise
United Arab Emirates, Empty Quarter, Sand, Dune
moon, california, tree, lone, sierra, night, clearing
mono lake, california, tufa, sunset, unique
moonlight, juniper, gnarled, dead, sandstone
sand, dunes, dramatic, death valley, remote
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summer constellations, milky way, moon, arizona, desert
Colorful, Foliage, Owens Valley, California, Morning
Lupine, Wildflowers, Sunrise, Washington, Columbia Hills
Long exposure, cracked, desert, Death Valley, Sunrise
Autumn, Steens, Mountains, Alvord, Creek, Sunrise
cracks, playa, death valley, dunes, dramatic
wilderness, nature, scenic, great basin, desert, painted hills, winter, snow, oregon, colors
Columbia Hills, Washington, Wildflower, Flower, Balsamroot, Sunset, Beautiful
Underwater, salt crystal, crystal, sunrise, badwater, death valley, national park, california
wilderness, nature, scenic, great basin, desert, painted hills, oregon, storm
Great Basin, Sagebrush, Colorful, Autumn, Steens
desert, foliage, saguaro, barrel cactus, cholla cactus, cactus, cacti, superstition mountains, mount
Sierra, Buttermilk, Sunset
Zion, Tree, Lonely, Sunset, Sandstone
arizona, tucson, sonoran, desert, lighting, thunderstorm, cactus
Tibet, Storm
Sierra, Death Valley