PHOTO ADVENTURE TOURS- CURRENT LISTINGS: The Bristlecones, Sierra And Deserts Tour

  • October 27-31, 2018 - No openings!
  • November 2 - 6, 2018 - No openings

$1995.00 / Person ($800 deposit)

First, some background about this region of the world: I have spent more than a thousand days of my life shooting in the places we will explore on this trip. It is the most diverse part of the entire North American continent, ranging from the hottest, most barren deserts to the most ancient and spectacular living things on Earth, the Bristlecone Pine. It is home to the highest and lowest points in the contiguous United States, less than two hours’ drive from each other! It spans almost every major climate zone and offers the photographer almost every major type of landscape. And for me, personally, it has yielded more of my own images than any other location in the world.

Nobody knows this area better, and I will take every possible opportunity on this trip to prove that to you, consistently taking you to places to shoot that are both world-class spectacular and where you won’t see anyone else! That’s right, not only do we hit the best spots possible, you probably won’t have heard of any of them either! Immense sand dunes consuming forests of Joshua trees, star-lit Bristle-cone photography at 12,000 elevation from a grove miles from the nearest trail, gardens of Cactus and Joshuas amidst the remote rocky passes of the Mojave, snow-capped Sierra mountains with fall colors from remote jeep trails and much more! This is the Death Valley, Sierra, and Bristlecones you didn’t know about!


Hiking and Physical Requirements:

On this trip you are going with a certified, internationally licensed guide and wilderness first responder. I am a professional who takes leading groups into extremely remote areas very seriously and who is equipped at all times with first aid and satellite communications. Although hiking distances are not long on this trip, it is not to be confused with my Sierra/Death Valley winter/spring trips, which are meant to be “for everyone”. On this adventure, I will need to know that you can hike at least five miles carrying your full photo backpack up some minor altitude gain, if needed. I will also need participants to be aware of their own tolerance to altitude, as our various Bristlecone hikes explore far off trail groves at between 11,000 and 12,500ft in altitude. If you have NEVER been at these altitudes before, especially if coming from sea level, it can not be known in advance whether you will experience any discomforts. About 80% of visitors do fine on these hikes, however. The remainder of our non-Bristlecone hiking will not be far or difficult, but may include brief wet, muddy or loose sections, so sturdy boots are a must and perhaps even a backup pair or old shoes you don’t mind getting wet can be useful to bring in your general luggage. I would rate this trip as Moderate in terms of physical ability required for participation, and I strongly encourage anyone with any physical or medical concerns to contact me for further details..



As always, your deposit is transferable to another tour if your spot can be filled by another individual. Should you need to cancel, refunds minus a $200.00 administration fee are available as long as it is prior to 90 days before the start of the trip

You may use the "contact me" link provided below to inquire about signing up, or to receive additional information about this adventure.  


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