Valleys And Deserts

The Great Basin region is a vast, open, arid landscape containing many deserts and mountain ranges that encompasses much of the Western US. It is defined as an area where no streams or rivers reach the sea. The Great Basin is one of my favorite places - one of hidden treasures and charm that greet only those who have enjoyed more than a passing glimpse. Photographing this landscape is a great way to truly get away from it all. The freedom of the wild ranges here are hard to overstate. The unique beauty this land will never leave you. The valleys of the West outside of the Great Basin region are mostly affected by the hands of man, but the few places where I have found natural beauty are also included in this gallery of images.

washington, columbia hills, wildflower, mount hood
Cholla, Lighting, Arizona
california, owens valley, foliage
Spring, Sand Dunes, Dunes, Death Valley, California
Mojave, Cactus, Joshua Tree, Sunset, Desert, California
Milky Way, Mono, Lake, night, long exposure, california
Empty Quarter, United Arab Emirates
Capitol Reef, Clouds, Layers, Patterns, Aerial, Boulder Mountain
Cactus, desert, lightning, sonoran, phoenix, thunderstorm, monsoon
arabia, uae, oman, empty quarter, dunes
Mono Lake, sunset, California, waves, water, unique
Tibet, Storm
canyon, Escalante, plant oil, fall, abstract
Rainbow, spring
Long exposure, Alvord, Playa, Oregon, Moonrise, Surreal, Night Sky, Lone, Reflection
twilight, tufa, unique, cave, mono lake
Playa, Great Basin, Alkaline, mud cracks, cracks, desert
wildflowers, mount hood
lonely, flower, oregon, alive
winds, blowing, sand, dunes, death valley, sunrise, light
Surreal, Otherworldly, Awesome, Lenticular, sunset, oregon, alvord, desert, storm
Sandstone, Arizona, Otherworldly, Colorado Plateau
cholla, arizona, desert, spring, sunrise
Arizona, Dark, Dramatic, Sunset, Sandstone, Formations
death valley
Owens Valley, California, layers, colors, abstract
United Arab Emirates, Empty Quarter, dune
cactus, arizona, storm, lightning, Lemmon
Death Valley
United Arab Emirates, Light, Vibrant, Beams, SUnset, windy, dunes
Zion, Checkerboard, Milky Way, Tree, Lone, Night, Surreal
Death Valley, Dunes, Winds, Sunset
Cactus, Desert, Wildflowers, Spring, Arizona, Superstition, Mountains
Sand Tufa, Mono Lake, Unique, Night
United Arab Emirates, Sand, contrast
Cracked, desert, abstract, playa, oregon
rainstorm, powerful, playa, desert, death valley, sagebrush
fall, autumn, yukon, layers
Death Valley, sunrise, augereberry
Death Valley, salt flats, stream, reflection, springs, beams, god beams, rays, sunset
playa, cracked, stormy, lone, dead, sagebrush, death valley
light, sunset, blooming, cactus, brittlebrush, arizona, kofa mountains
Mono, Lake, Sunset
Lone, Trees, Endless, Sand, United Arab Emirates
oregon, painted hills, national monument, spring, wildflowers, sunset, beautiful
sunset, balsamroot, flower, fields, hills, washington, columbia
Oregon, Painted Hills
sunset, sandstone, dramatic, jagged, arizona, colorado plateau
Columbia River Gorge, Washington, Layers, Farmland
Lenticular, Owens River, California
Mojave, Joshua, sand dunes
sand, dune, spring, flowers, Death Valley
White Pocket, Arizona, Sunset, reflected
original, mineral, california, mono lake, twilight
Moon, Sunrise, Eastern Sierra, Owens River, California
reflected, light, death valley, california, stream
Death Valley, wind, light, sunset, dunes
Cactus, Desert, Wildflowers, Spring, Arizona, Superstition, Mountains
wilderness, nature, scenic, great basin, desert, painted hills, oregon, storm
United Arab Emirates, Empty Quarter, dunes
mono lake, twilight, california, long exposure, clouds, water
Moonset, Utah, tree, redrock
storm, layers, arizona, sandstone, vermillion cliffs, colorado plateau
Sierra, Buttermilk, Sunset
United Arab Emirates, Dunes
colorful, fields, grasses, sage, willow, cottonwood, eastern sierra, sierra, owens valley, sunrise
United Arab Emirates, Empty Quarter, Sand, Dune
moon, california, tree, lone, sierra, night, clearing
mono lake, california, tufa, sunset, unique
Sierra, dunes, blowing, wind, sand, sandstorm, mountains, California
moonlight, juniper, gnarled, dead, sandstone
lupine, wildflowers, washington, columbia hills, may, sunrise
Zion, Tree, Lonely, Sunset, Sandstone
Sunrise, beautiful, owens valley, california
Arizona, Brain Rock, Brainrock, lone tree, white pocket, vermillion
Old tree, Tree, Sunset, River, Vista, Argentina
summer constellations, milky way, moon, arizona, desert
Lupine, Wildflowers, Sunrise, Washington, Columbia Hills
Autumn, Steens, Mountains, Alvord, Creek, Sunrise
cracks, playa, death valley, dunes, dramatic
wilderness, nature, scenic, great basin, desert, painted hills, winter, snow, oregon, colors
Columbia Hills, Washington, Wildflower, Flower, Balsamroot, Sunset, Beautiful
Underwater, salt crystal, crystal, sunrise, badwater, death valley, national park, california
Great Basin, Sagebrush, Colorful, Autumn, Steens
Utah, cottonwood, sagebrush, foliage, autumn
Dunes, sand, Joshua tree, coyote, tracks, desert
Death, Rabbitbrush