New Work

I find myself now nearly two decades into this journey to create images from the places I explore, but the exploration itself has lasted my lifetime.  From a child dreaming about these locations on a map, obsessed with everything from weather patterns and topographical lines, to my young adulthood, which took me on foot numerous times to their heights.  And now, of course, I manage a business that specializes in allowing others to join me, in these most remote of lands. 

This past year was special for me though.  This year was about my favorite thing in the world, and the core of my interests on Earth, exploring.  This year took me to half a dozen new mountain ranges hidden away in the northernmost reaches of the continent in places where I had rarely or never seen any photos before.  I was fortunate to capture some incredible moments out there, and what I present to you here is uncompromised.  I want my viewers to know that the integrity of the permanent subjects in my images would be recognizable to anyone else who has shot them.  In this age, the artistic retouching of images is a huge part of the art of almost everyone who enjoys photography, but the soul of my art can only survive if nature itself was not its original creator.   I want you, the viewer, to know that you can go here, you can see this.  I have been so fortunate in my life to have done so.

Most of our journeys often involved small groups of photographers who I recruited from around the world to assist me with the enormous helicopter expenses, load hauling, scouting and more throughout the trips.  I also lead several 6-9 person photographic adventure tours, and plan to expand on the uniqueness of these offerings in the future.  All totaled, over the course of 4 months I did 18 separate multi-day backcountry wilderness excursions, flew more than 100 hours in helicopters, drove 20,000 miles in about 8 different vehicles, hiked 400 miles, carried a 95-pound pack in sub-zero weather at least once, cooked more than 500 group meals, encountered 4 different bears in camps and took 40,000 images.   It’s enough adventure to probably encompass a couple chapters in a book, but it stays with me, in my mind, my heart and these images. 

So please enjoy.  If you need me, this is where I will be. 

Aurora, Yukon, Ogilvie, mountains, ice, snow, winter, reflection, icy lake, tombstone
northwest territories, nwt, Mackenzie mountains, arctic, Canada, peaks, ragged
glacier, mt. Logan
coast mountains, British Columbia, cascades, glaciers, waterfall, sunset
Mackenzie mountains, Northwest Territories, snow, mountains, winter, clearing storm, Canada, arctic, peaks, nahanni
Boreal forest, autumn, fog, peaceful
glacier, ice cave, blue, cold, frozen, Alaska, boundary range, icy
moonlight, aurora, peaks, cliffs, ragged, nahanni, northwest territories, Canada, arctic
Mackenzie, mountains, Yukon, nahanni, fall
Devil's Thumb, Alaska, Crevasse, glacier, snow, ice, sunset, northwest face
Northwest Territories
glacier, ogives, moraine, lateral, stripes, striations, alaska
autumn, tombstone, Yukon, Klondike, autumn
Wrangell, st Elias, glacier, sunset, shadows, peaks, mountains, Alaska, southeast, national park, kluane, Yukon
Yukon, forest, beams, light beam, godbeam
Yukon, aurora, ice, tombstone
Wrangell, st. Elias, glacier
Wrangell, ice, glaciers, kluane, peaks, alaska
autumn, kluane, glacial, blue, river, Yukon
stars, aurora, ice, reflection, Yukon
British Columbia, coast mountains, summer, wildflowers, aster, thunderstorm
richardson, Yukon, mountains, fall, autumn
light beams, sunbeam, forest, boreal, Yukon, sunrise, fog, fog beam, god beam
Kluane, autumn, Haines, Wrangell, Logan, moraine
St Elias
Glacier Bay
winter, tombstone, ice, snow, cold, blue, far north, arctic, monolith, Canada
torres del Paine, horns, dead tree, gnarled, lone tree, lenticular, autumn, Chile, Lago grey
Crevasses, cornice, snow, high mountains, Wrangell, alaska, kluane, Canada
aurora, ice, frozen, lake, reflection, Yukon, Canada, arctic
Mackenzie, nwt, nahanni, Yukon, canada, aurora, peaks
Mackenzie mountains, northwest territories, Canada, peaks, aurora, snow, cold, far north, nahanni
glacier, mountains, Wrangell, ice flow,
sky, light, peaceful, beams, god, Yukon, boreal, forest
heavenly, Yukon, Ogilvie
Yukon, light, beams, sunset
british Columbia, wildflowers, coast mountains
Yukon, boreal, beams, sunbeam, fog beam, fog
cascades, water, rushing, mountains, coast, British Columbia
NWT, northwest territories, Mackenzie, mountains, Canada
Alaska, glacier, Wrangell, st Elias, Yukon, kluane, moraine, lateral
Wrangell, st elias, mountains, glaciers, Alaska, Yukon, Logan, kluane, glacier bay, backcountry
klondike, arctic, far north, autumn, Yukon, tombstone
arctic, Yukon, alaskan cottongrass, cottongrass, tombstone, autumn, fall, divide
death, skeleton, dying, ominous, cracked, desert, skull, southwest