Winter has been my favorite time of year ever since I was a child when I dreamed of someday living and traveling to the great snowy places on Earth.   I love the pristine aesthetic and mesmerizing simplicity of the frozen transformation, and embrace travels through it to such an extent that the pursuit of winter weather alone has directed or even redirected many of my trips.  It would be sufficient to say that much of my life was eventually in some way shaped by my love of all things cold, and fortunately now I get to spend as much time in the snow and ice as I want, traveling both hemisphere's each year.  About half of all of my images were taken in winter but this gallery, more specifically, focuses on snowy and icy foregrounds and images in the theme focuses on the effects of the season!   

Inside Out
Triumph (2013)
For Existence (2016)
Higher Calling (2008)
Under the Lights (2010)
Two Against it All
Lenticular Bubbles
Creative Cloud
Fifteen Years
Dance of the Night (2014)
Peace on Earth (2008)
Light Circle
Follow the Wind (2012)
Crater Lake, Winter (2005)
Awaken to Dream (2013)
Glacier Fire (2014)
The Deep Blue (2009)
Between Day and Night (2012)
Imagination (2011)
Here to Forever (2012)
November Seventeen (2006)
The Clearing (2008)
Moonlit Majesty (2014)
See Through (2012)
Winters Magic (2010)
Swept Away
Crystalline Chamber (2012)
Devil's Kingdom
From Out of the Ice
Chosen One (2009)
Great Blue Wonders (2009)
Color on the Cold (2011)
Red Crystal
In Winters Shadow (2011)
Spires at Night
Stars on the Ice
Castle on the Lake (2012)
Dream Catcher
Light from Above (2012)
Midnight Magic (2009)
Dark Lord (2011)
Opening (2014)
Sunset Curves
Mountain Kingdom (2008)
Blue Ice (2011)
Black Ice
Blizzard Mountain (2006)
Forces of Mountains (2016)
Peaks of Ice
Rise and Fall (2016)
Winters Light (2012)
Aurora Wilderness (2011)
Unfrozen Depths (2014)
Ice Action (2012)
Light of the Storm (2013)
Electric Peaks
Majesty (2008)
bubbles and snowflakes (2012)
Dawn of Winter (2005)
Windstorm on the Lake
Lost in the Shadows (2008)
Grand View of Glacier (2005)
Green Vision (2011)
Blue Night (2005)
The Summit Ridge (2006)
Winter Sun (2013)
Frigid Shadows
Crystal Waters
Camp in a dream
Arctic Tower
Through the Sky
Cove of Glass
Hidden Giants
Vision through the Storm
The Valley of Silence
Four Hundred Layers (2014)
Misty Cold
Majesty - Everest's Summit (2015)
The Depths (self portrait) (2015)
Athabasca Winter
Spider Ice
Together (2016)
Moon and the Towers
Descent into Madness
Ice Sandstone
Frozen Heaven
Water and Light
Ponderosa Mist (2018)
Winter's Grace (2009)
As the White Curtain Falls (2010)
Holding On (2010)
Crystal Wind
Floor of the Ceiling
Left Behind
Voices from Above
Red Winter
Frozen Moonlight
White Monsters