New Work - The Past One Year

Please enjoy my collection from this past year. New images from a week in the Chugach Range in late September have been added. Additionally you will find images from exploratory trips in Mexico, Pakistan and many other locations.

Golden Tower
foggy, sunset, mountains, winter, snowy, icy, yoho, British Columbia, Alberta, Canadian Rockies
Ghaf Dune
Frozen Wind
Moonlight Energy
Breath of Dreams
Redrock Frame
Red River Glacier
Drifting through the Seasons
Peaceful Peak
Turn to Winter
Down by the Bend
Moose Pond
Downstream Summit
Color Run
Fog, Frost and Fall
Autumn Layers
Autumn Bend
Fall Paradise
Huckleberry Peaks
Amin Brakk
Autumn Dawn
Himalayan Desert
Vertical Realm
Tree and the Towers
Holding On
palm trees, Monterrey, peaks, jagged, cliffs, mountains, Mexico, sunrise
Nature Art
Washed Stripes
Golden Crown
Dawn at the coast
Reaching to the Sun
Red Tower
Racetrack Glacier
Desert Jungle
sandstorm, great sand dunes, dunes, wind, blowing, storm, Colorado, national park
Winds of Skardu
Olive Garden
Blown Away
Jungle Cave
Cliff Layers
Wings of the Sun
Desert of the Mountains
Chamber of the Mountain
windy, dunes, colorado, storm
Glacier Layers