•  May 30 - June 7, 2018 - NO OPENINGS!

$3995 person ($1500 deposit to sign up)

INCLUDED:  Dedicated and continuous instruction at the highest level throughout every shoot.  100% focus on YOUR photography.  Free post-processing video instruction detailing processing of your images from this trip.  

Also some meals and specialized 4x4 transportation at times is included.  I even include free camping gear for anyone who wants to camp at this region's multitude of campgrounds.  Carpooling and/or sharing lodging arrangements with other participants can sometimes also be accommodated upon request if you prefer.

The American Northwest:  Start out photographing the largest trees on Earth with the spectacular Rhody blossoms throughout at peak season.  Shoot coastlines with huge sea stacks, wave action and wildflowers lining the shores.  Imagine huge Lupine and Paintbrush gardens right down to the water's edge on a VERY unique coast we visit in Northern California!  Move north and we get to decide - more Oregon coast locations or the mountains or both!  One of the best things about my trips is we keep a flexible itinerary, allowing us the react to the weather and current conditions.  On this trip we often do the very best locations on the Oregon coast PLUS locations as far inland as Crater Lake, Bend, Painted Hills at peak flower season and of course, the Columbia Gorge.  The Gorge is AMAZING, and we get there right at peak season for water flow and greenery.  Allow me to show you the greatest green waterfall displays on Earth!  Shoot sun beams in the morning soft light and more moss than you've ever seen in the middle of this huge trip, before continuing up north to the Olympic Park!  In Olympic you can feast on more coastline, which is the most impressive anywhere, and also the Rain Forest where tassels of mosses hang from the ancient trees at the peak of Spring. 

Included throughout this 1000-mile long route are dozens of stops that show off the very best of everything in the Northwest.   In addition, we have 3-4 conference rooms reserved throughout to teach you my post-processing of our trip images at the highest level.  


You may use the "contact me" link provided below to inquire about signing up, or to receive additional information about this adventure.  

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This photo is of an amazing location we shoot in great light on almost every summer trip here!