Edge Of The Sea

The ocean is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable subjects I photograph in nature. Its constant interaction with the coastline brings excitment and changes with every visit. It is that interaction - the forces that collide between land and water, that most compells me to photograph here. In this gallery my images showcase the action of the seas and the stunning beauty found along the rugged coastlines of the western US.  These images are primarily from early in my career or very recent, since I went many years during my career without photographing the shore. 

The Lost Coast (2018)
Alaska Beach
Aurora Bay
Window in Time (2015)
Amidst the Storm (2017)
Wildflower Sea
Rush (2015)
Near and Far (2012)
Surf to Summit
Forever Dreaming (2007)
Sunset Tide (2012)
Secret Beach
Fire Light (2012)
Secret Garden
Dawn at the coast
Rainforest Coast
Water Current (2010)
Green Coast Gold
Glow Cave (2011)
Violent Beauty (2008)
Sunset Symphony (2011)
Sparkling Shore (2005)
Sorceres of the Sea (2011)
Irish Arch
Imaginarium (2010)
Beach Garden (2007)
Big Splash (2009)
Neverending (2006)
Pacific Bounty (2010)
Timeless Shore (2007)
Coast of Wonders (2006)
Magical Paitbrush (2010)
Lost Island