My career has spanned from film to the modern digital age, a time in which we have seen the number of participants in this kind of photographic art expand as rapidly as technology itself has advanced.   Perhaps the most compelling thing for me remains the same as ever though, and that is to create, to discover, to fuse my vision with the unknown.  Throughout my career I have pushed the boundaries when it comes to finding new locations in the wilderness to make my images and I believe it is that quality that best defines my art.  Some of these places remain outside the realms explored even today, while others have become icons of the modern age shot by thousands of professionals around the world.  In this age where we see the majority of other professionals and amateurs alike out to replicate others - I take the opposite approach.   Before I visit a place I make it a point to reject any preconceived notions of what I will find and seek to do the vast majority of my best work in places which I am seeing myself for the first time.  For this reason I would like to call attention to the fact that at the time I made these images, my own vision of the place was all I had to go on.  If you have seen these images elsewhere on other's websites or IG pages then now you know, this is very likely where it started.  

In this gallery are images I made while visiting a location for the first time, and/or I had never seen any prior images online or elsewhere from that location at the time I photographed it. While "location" is difficult to define, suffice it to say it means more than different conditions, slightly different foregrounds, etc.  For me the images that belong in this gallery are from locations where I hadn't seen another photograph for miles, where there were no footprints, no sign of man and no amount of Googling which could find a like image at the time they were taken.  See anything you recognize?  Probably.  Photographers don't have to say when they cover someone else's song.   There's nothing wrong with that and there is no copyrighting nature!  But from my point of view, it's more fun to be the original. 

Fall (2015)
Shark's Tooth (2015)
Field of Dreams (2016)
The Mountains of Peace
Light From Within (2007)
Moon Shrine (2012)
Awaken to Dream (2013)
Heart of the Tree (2016)
From the Winds
The Secret Valley
Heaven on Earth (2013)
Sandstone Symphony (2009)
Fairyland Falls (2007)
For Existence (2016)
Catching Pool (2010)
The Dark Towers
Waterslide (2018)
Because we can fly
Alpine Epic
Frozen Moonlight
Floor of the Ceiling
Dreamcatcher (2018)
Under the Lights (2010)
Far Far Away
Jurassic Park
The Clouds Came to Life
Swept Away
Cold Land
Never Lost
Sun River
Stars on the Ice
Summer Song
The Wall
Autumn Moraine
Tides of the Earth
Lenticular Show (2009)
White Monsters
Forgotten Plains
From Out of the Ice
Camp in a dream
Glacier Fall
Paradise Forest (2008)
From the Source
Shadows of the Sky
Temple of Night (2015)
Giants of the Cold
Snow Tornado (2017)
Wonder of Being (2015)
Fury (2015)
Fire Lake
So Long for this Moment (2012)
Cool the Flames (2014)
For Eternity (2014)
Homage to the Mountain God (2010)
Boom (2013)
Breaking the Sky
War with the Sky (2008)
Crystal Arch (2016)
Rage against the Frozen (2012)
Defiance (2015)
Wildflower Sea
Lightcatchers (2010)
Maiden Shower (2009)
Shine (2014)
Snow Globe (2015)
Life on the Inside (2013)
Winters Fury (2006)
Dance of the Night (2014)
Higher Calling (2008)
Creative Cloud
Peace on Earth (2008)
Follow the Wind (2012)
Glacier Fire (2014)
The Deep Blue (2009)
Imagination (2011)
Here to Forever (2012)
The Clearing (2008)
Crystalline Chamber (2012)
Devil's Kingdom
Chosen One (2009)
Great Blue Wonders (2009)
Red Crystal
Castle on the Lake (2012)
Downpour (2008)
Light from Above (2012)
Midnight Magic (2009)
Mountain Kingdom (2008)
Blizzard Mountain (2006)
Forces of Mountains (2016)
Winters Light (2012)
Aurora Wilderness (2011)
Unfrozen Depths (2014)
Ice Action (2012)
Dawn of Winter (2005)
Windstorm on the Lake
Lost in the Shadows (2008)
Grand View of Glacier (2005)
Green Vision (2011)
Blue Night (2005)
The Summit Ridge (2006)
Winter Sun (2013)
Crystal Waters
Cove of Glass
Hidden Giants
Vision through the Storm
Majesty - Everest's Summit (2015)
Ice Sandstone
Frozen Heaven
Water and Light
Ponderosa Mist (2018)
Winter's Grace (2009)
As the White Curtain Falls (2010)
Amazing Paradise (2006)
From Below
Cracks and Ribbons (2009)
Afterglow (2013)
Deep Inside (2009)
Peyote Hills (2007)
Mindstream (2009)
For a Dream (2015)
Canyon Life (2007)
The Lost Coast (2018)
Symphony of Earth
Dawn Above (2015)
Secret Beach
Secret Garden
Water Current (2010)
Green Coast Gold
Violent Beauty (2008)
Sunset Symphony (2011)
Sparkling Shore (2005)
Imaginarium (2010)
Beach Garden (2007)
Timeless Shore (2007)
Magical Paitbrush (2010)
Above All
Curve Spectrum (2009)
Slow Fall
The Other Side (2013)
Above the Cold (2013)
Before Us
Himalaya Autumn (2015)
Neverending Light (2012)
Ice River Mountains (2012)
Outward Bound (2015)
Looking Forever (2013)
Mystic Park (2015)
End of the Line
Into the Flames (2011)
Golden Towers (2014)
Fountain of Life
Breath of the Storm (2015)
Catching the Sun (2013)
Symmetry Stream
Rise (2013)
Great Beyond (2008)
Powerlight (2011)
Summer Wilderness (2011)
The Distant End (2012)
The Peaks of the Lights (2012)
Mountain Paradise (2011)
Heaven's Gates (2008)
Going to the Sun (2007)
Still Dreaming (2008)
Colors of the Fiords
Life on the Edge
Glacier Cascades (2012)
Garden of the Rising Sun (2015)
Sound of Thunder (2011)
Seasons Gone By (2008)
Lighting the Way (2010)
Let there be light (2014)
Eternal Light (2009)
Island View (2011)
Green Mists (2012)
Sun Valley (2015)
Of All Wonders (2015)
Mist Mountain Colors (2006)
Three Sisters Storm (2009)
Mountain Curves (2015)
The Endless Range (2007)
Mountain Park (2015)
Summer Home (2015)
The Bonsai Coast
Winter Coming (2013)
Of Glaciers and Garden
Glacial Garden (2015)
Everest (2015)
Fortress of the Fog
Gracing our Presence
Autumn Ice
Fiord Tree
Way to the Light (2018)
Kangshung (Everest and Lhotse) (2015)
Rainforest Autumn (2007)
Paradise Gardens (2005)
Patagonian Autumn (2013)
Radiance (2005)
Autumn Show (2007)
Into the Green (2018)