Patagonia And South America

On this page you'll find mainly Patagonian images with a few others sprinkled in there as well. When people ask me where is my favorite place on earth, it would be hard to say anything other than Patagonia Fjords, and the parks are of course quite amazing as well. These days I spend a couple months each year here running the most unique trips in the business and continuing my love affair with this incredibly wild land that always calls me back.

Three Fingers
Through the Sun
Alone Together
King Chalten
Magic Mirror
Looking Forever (2013)
Fire Lake
Ice Throne
High Garden
The Mountains of Peace
Fjord Falls in Fall
Fortress of the Clouds (2017)
Boom (2013)
Above the Cold (2013)
Fall (2015)
Wind, Rain and Sun
Golden Towers (2014)
The Finger
Search of Warmth (2013)
Symmetry Stream
From the Winds
Kingdom of the Wind (2013)
Rise (2013)
Angel Wings
The Curtains Close
Ice Fall
Surrounded (2014)
Life on the Edge
The Dark Towers
Audience of One (2013)
Ghost in the Rain
Wicked Red
The North Face
Falls World
Patagonia Shore (2014)
Awakening (2013)
Twilight Fjord
Winter Moonbeams (2014)
Between Rain and Sun (2013)
Autumn Ice
Fiord Tree
Tres Hermanas
Audience of One
Window to the Fjords
Colors of the Fiords
The Bonsai Coast
Red and Blue
Catching the Sun (2013)
Triumph (2013)
Cove of Glass
Hidden Giants
The Depths (self portrait) (2015)
Forces of Mountains (2016)
Half Arch Point
Through the Autumn Light
Patagonia Sky (2015)
Patagonian Autumn (2013)
Lost Island
Last One Standing
Dancing trees (2015)
Last Words
Colors of the Wind (2014)
Giants of the Fiords
Turqoise Sunset