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This huge trip makes a broad loop around the three best regions for photography in the Southwest US region which spans at least 5 National Parks, many more national monuments and scenic areas, and covers every climate zone in the Southwest from the highest peaks to the most unique sandstone in the world to the hottest deserts! You name it we do it.

There is no trip better than the Southwest for the pure number of photos you can expect to come back with.

Tour price includes all meals, outfitting of outdoor gear/equipment as needed, dedicated and continuous instruction throughout and dozens of post-production videos yours to keep. Camping and lodging options to fit most any preferences are available and arranged for you on a nightly basis.

Hiking and Physical Requirements:

This trip is moderate in difficulty and requires participants be able to hike terrain that is occasionally rugged, off-trail or slippery and on trail for a few miles at a time on certain days. Suitable for most people of most age groups who are capable of walking for 2-3 hours at the longest.

Getting There:

We will meet for this trip in Kanab, Utah in the early afternoon of our starting day. Kanab is accessed via 3-4 hour drive from Las Vegas, which makes a convenient loop, also located about the same distance from our end point. Most of my clients like driving their own rented vehicles, and some of them even use their trucks or SUV's as beds if camping proves more convenient on any nights, as I often do myself! Others prefer carpooling options with other participants, which I help to arrange before every trip.

Please use this link to CONTACT ME and inquire about signing up for the mailing list and to receive additional information about this adventure!

You may use the "contact me" link provided below to inquire about signing up for the mailing list and to receive additional information about this adventure!

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