Rivers And Streams

The Pacific Northwest is one of the finest areas in the world to photograph streams and waterfalls. The western slopes of the appropriately named Cascade Mountain Range provide thousands of opportune locations to observe huge waterfalls and streams in the temperate rainforest environment. In the heart of this region is Oregon's Columbia River Gorge, which offers nearly a vertical mile of very steep terrain and hundreds of year round streams. The Columbia Gorge region has the greatest concentration of accessible waterfalls on the continent. Photographs from the Columbia region make up most of this gallery, although there is no shortage of stream and waterfall photos to be found in other regions I have visited. 

Rage against the Frozen (2012)
Downpour (2008)
Fallen (2012)
Fjord Falls in Fall
Fairyland Falls (2007)
Before the Light
Drops of Life
Rainforest Autumn (2007)
Oneonta Rain (2010)
Paradise Gardens (2005)
Patagonian Autumn (2013)
Catching Pool (2010)
Apparition Falls (2011)
Twelve Years (2009)
Endless Falls (2007)
Held in the Light (2013)
Green Canyon Cascades (2005)
Rainforest Canyon (2010)
 November Rain (2007)
Luminesence  (2008)
Early Spring Falls (2008)
Radiance (2005)
Rainbow Falls (2006)
Enhanted Forest (2008)
Autumn Show (2007)
Looking Down (2005)
Into the Green (2018)
Falls World
Dangerous Confusion