PHOTO ADVENTURE TOURS- CURRENT LISTINGS: Worldwide Photographic Adventures

In addition to the photo tours listed here I also offer many additional unique and exclusive trips designed for serious photographers who want to get far off the beaten path and explore spectacular landscapes in many regions around the world. These adventures are small-group only and often fill up years in advance via word of mouth among past trip participants or individuals who contact me to inquire with specific interests. They may also be announced to my mailing list if and when openings arise. Locations for these trips the next few years will likely include:

  • 3-weeks Antarctica on private sailing yacht (fly in and out)
  • 2-weeks Alaska in Summer helicopter camping and boating
  • 2-weeks British Columbia helicopter camping
  • New Zealand heli trekking
  • Chilean Fiords (Patagonia rainforest and mountains) 20-day expeditions on private boat and helicopter
  • Northwest Territories and Baffin Island of Canada
  • Ireland Coast
  • Northern Chile and Bolivia
  • Deserts of Arabia in United Arab Emirates, Saudi and Oman
  • Yukon in Winter
  • Dedicated Storm Chasing in America in summer
  • The Pacific Northwest in Spring
  • Eastern Sierra and Death Valley region

We work with the very best guides and staff locally at all locations to ensure your experience is the very best it can be.