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$5995/person, 9 days.

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There are innumerable fall color tours and workshops out there, but none offer the mountain grandeur or northern adventure of the Yukon’s Tombstone Range. Additionally, there is perhaps no other place on Earth that offers quite this type of jagged, imposing and dramatic peaks coupled with the vibrant shows of night that are the Auroras. The combination of these amazing fall colors, new snows on the peaks and the Aurora overhead almost every clear night makes this the trip of a lifetime for many photographers! As an Aurora destination, it is MUCH better than Norway, Iceland or Alaska.

We will be using a helicopter to get you there.

The best places on earth to observe the Aurora Borealis lie near the northern Arctic Circle, and located almost on the Circle itself is the Tombstone Range. The Tombstones offer the steepest and most impressive relief of any range this far north in the world, and as such, the best backdrop for the lights. The best time to see the Aurora is in Fall or Spring, particularly near the equinox – That is when we are going.

Perfect place, perfect time - This trip will offer as high a likelihood of seeing this magnificent spectacle as any you can take: But please under-stand, I do not have complete control over the forces of the universe! Thus far, I have spent over six months of my life in or near the Tombstones in September and October completing 16 trips there. Thus far, I have seen the Aurora appear to some degree at least 75% time I have had clear skies during the night, and 95% of the time in moonless skies! We have NEVER had a trip without.

The trip price is all-inclusive. All meals, hotels, outfitting of gear/equipment as needed, instruction, processing videos and more are included!

Hiking and Physical Requirements:

This is a backpacking trip that is easy in difficulty and includes well-outfitted base-camps with facilities including restrooms and cooking areas. All participants will need to be in good physical condition, however, and able to hike at least 2 miles at one time with a 45 pound pack on between camps at least twice per trip. This backpacking stretch means carrying everything you have (tents, pads, sleeping bags, camera gear, etc) to the next camp without porters. As backpacking goes, the distance is short but I would consider the terrain 'rugged', and without trails in all places. Most hiking will not be with the big packs, it will be done while base-camping and with light day-packs instead.

When you come on this trip, you will be 'roughing it', in the wild for 6-7 days. 2-3 days will also be spent along the Dempster Highway or out of Dawson/Whitehorse regions.

Getting There:

We will meet Whitehorse or Dawson for this trip, which are accessible via flight from Vancouver BC or Calgary. Transportation is provided and our meet-up location is very near the airports.


Please use this link to CONTACT ME and inquire about signing up for the mailing list and to receive additional information about this adventure!

You may use the "contact me" link provided below to inquire about signing up for the mailing list and to receive additional information about this adventure!

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