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Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

New work - the past one year

Red River Glacier
Tower of the Gods
S Curves
Ice Meadow
Magic Mirror
High Garden
Window to the Fjords
Canyon Desert
Grove of the Glacier
Earth Lines
Wind, Rain and Sun
Flamingo Dots
Desert Patterns
The Finger
Nature Art
Winter Wild
Lost Island
Hidden Below
Heart of Gold
Endless Terrace
Divide Peak
Ghaf Dune
Storm Tower
Stairstep Desert
Pain Frame
Frozen Wind
Moonlight Energy
Ice Fall
Breath of Dreams
Oryx Desert
Redrock Frame
Drifting through the Seasons
Peaceful Peak
Fjord Falls in Fall
African Desert Layers
Turn to Winter
Down by the Bend
Cloverleaf Desert
Downstream Summit
Color Run
Fog, Frost and Fall
Between Dunes and Mountains
Autumn Layers
Autumn Bend
Namibia Desert
Fall Paradise
Huckleberry Peaks
Autumn Dawn
Washed Stripes
Terrace Desert
Racetrack Glacier
Glacier Layers
Ice Throne
Twilight Fjord