Aurora, Yukon, Ogilvie, mountains, ice, snow, winter, reflection, icy lake, tombstone, photo
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The Night We Joined Our Dreams

Yukon, Canada

A single exposure from our October ice trip here.  It was quite simple really, but one of the most memorable of my life.  Earth, water and sky.  The ice was the most amazing thing you could imagine it being, truly a visual paradise.  The clarity was stunning.  Before the dusting of snow you see on the surface here you could see as if looking at glass through ice over a foot thick.  There were no shadows.  The floor was the ceiling of this crystalline underworld, reflective of all the many lights above.  After taking several shots, with my buddy Rodrigo, of Chile, at my side, I did a little focus stacking to finish it off and get the entire foreground sharp, which was about 5-10ft across.  The aurora held in almost the same spot performing with a mosaic of shapes and colors for six hours in the Northeastern sky, where I had anticipated it would be.  The camera picked up the light on the ice almost as if it was day.  I could return here every year for a decade and probably never see these conditions again. . Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

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Aurora, Yukon, Ogilvie, mountains, ice, snow, winter, reflection, icy lake, tombstone