Great Basin, bristlecone, ancient, tree, photo
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Window to the Soul

Great Basin National Park, Nevada

Bristlecone Pines are the oldest trees on Earth.  Here you can find them set amidst beautiful mountains. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

Forests and Trees

Redwood, Rhodedendron, Fog, Forest, Old-Growth, California
Bristlecone, oldest, tree, moon, sunset, remote, unique, white mountains, tres plumas
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New Zealand, ferns, fern tree
Yukon, boreal, beams, sunbeam, fog beam, fog
Great Basin, bristlecone, ancient, tree
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Rain Forest, Washington, Olympic, mosses, ferns, trees, forest
Yukon, forest, beams, light beam, godbeam
Lengus, tree, ice, icecap, glacier, frozen, patagonia, lago grey, chile
old, tree, windswept, montana, plateau
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Green, Spring, Olympic, Washington, Rain Forest
Bristlecone, Pine, White Mountains, California, Winter
california, del norte, redwood, state park, ancient, old-growth, forest, morning
Hoh, Rainforest, Washington, Maple, Mosses, Moss
Ancient Tree, Tree, Blackfoot, Montana, Moonlight
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burned, snowy, British Columbia, Canada, forest
Lush, Moss, Maple, Olympic, Hoh, Rainforest, Washington
Autumn, Colors, forest, dawson city, yukon
Glacier, Montana, Blizzard
Quinault, Washington, olympic, fog, old growth, forest
Utah, Boulder Mountain, Willows, Aspen, Abstract, motion
light beams, sunbeam, forest, boreal, Yukon, sunrise, fog, fog beam, god beam
eucalyptus, california, lilies, coast, sunset, forest
yukon, canada, autumn, dempster
trees, argentina, autumn, fall, beech
ancient, bristlecone, califorina, white mountains, sunrise
fern, forest, New Zealand, rainforest, South Island, green, mosses
Ponderosa, mammoth, california, winter, snow, red, wind, storm
Glacier, Montana, tree, old, gnarled, windswept
Bristlecone, Pine, White Mountains, old, gnarled, bark, tree, trunk
torres del Paine, horns, dead tree, gnarled, lone tree, lenticular, autumn, Chile, Lago grey
Hoh, Rain Forest, Washington, mossy, green, spring
forest, patagonia, autumn, fall, wind, trees, gnarled
Quinault, Rainforest, Trillium, Cedar
autumn, fall, wilderness, old growth, fir, vine maple, oregon
Whitebark, Pine, Montana, Plateau, Gnarled, Old, Sunrise, Rich
Willow, Aspen, Abstract, motion
Misty, rainy, olympic, rainforest
Bristlecone, Pine, White Mountains
morning, forest, wilderness, north cascades, washington
Utah, Lone tree, sandstone, colorado plateau, gnarled, moonrise, twilight
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Juneau, Alaska, Life, Death