Alaska, ice, seals, fiord, crash, ice, falling, calving, glacier, blue, cold, southeast, melting, global warming, photo
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Amidst the Storm (2017)

Southeast Alaska

COMING SEPTEMBER 1:  A whole new project!  Southeast Alaska. 

Here enormous glacial ice cliffs more than 100ft high break off (calve) and crash into the ocean waters below sending a 3 meter high surge thundering ahead.  Both seals (sometimes visible by the hundreds on the bergs) and sea birds love this area, likely for the fishing, and are found in nearly every image!  I spent a week wilderness camping and kayaking dozens of miles in these deep fiords, and I take others to see it also on my Alaska adventures. . Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

New Work: The past one year

Devil's Thumb, Alaska, figure, person, sunset, mountains, peak, glacier
Three sisters, 
Mount Bachelor
blizzard,snowdevil,snowtornado,snow,cold,freezing,wind,whirlwind,storm,mountains, spindrift,blowing,windchill
New Zealand, Aspiring, Waterfalls
melting, glacier, ice, beams, mountains, Juneau, Herbert
New Zealand, aspiring
lenticular, torres del Paine, Patagonia, unique, stream, rapids, cascade, waterfall, stream, reflection
peaks, Chile, fiords, rainforest, Patagonia, iceberg
kea, parrot, New Zealand, mountains, landscape, d'archaic
Moss, autumn, mountains, Chile, fiords, rainforest, Patagonia, glacier
icebergs, fiords, autumn, Chile, Patagonia
coast, New Zealand, rainforest
spring, blossom, coast, Oregon, lupine, wildflowers, sunset
icebergs, fiord, Chile, Patagonia, ice, mountains, beach, shore, bergs
drone, mount cook, New Zealand, aerial
Fiords, cormorants, Chile, mountains, peaks
fern, forest, New Zealand, rainforest, South Island, green, mosses
Chile, fiords, rainforest, coigue, beams, mountains, glacier, waterfall, Patagonia
coigue, rainforest, fiords, Chile, Patagonia
Oregon, wildflowers, beach, coast, waves, sunset, flowers, south coast, bandon, spring
Chile, fiords, Patagonia
New Zealand, waterfall, summer, blooms, fiordlands
Death Valley
mount Whitney, Sierra, clearing, storm, winter, mountains, peaks, sharp, jagged, California
beach, New Zealand, South Island
New Zealand, ferns, fern tree
Sierra, dunes, blowing, wind, sand, sandstorm, mountains, California
Devil's Post Pile, California, ponderosa, mammoth, winter, forest, snow
Fairweather, alaska
New Zealand, fiordlands
Devils thumb, Alaska, petersburg, glacier, crevasses, mountains, peak,  sunset
South Island, mountains, glacial, river, New Zealand
Dunes, sand, Joshua tree, coyote, tracks, desert
New Zealand, coast
greece, canyon, stream, forest
arabia, uae, oman, empty quarter, dunes
ferns, waterfall, New Zealand, fiordlands
Utah, cottonwood, sagebrush, foliage, autumn
Alberta, ice bubbles
Moonset, Utah, tree, redrock
Alaska, ice, seals, fiord, crash, ice, falling, calving, glacier, blue, cold, southeast, melting, global warming
Mojave, Joshua, sand dunes
mist, fog, cliffs, peaks, Alaska, Leconte,
Alaska, ice, waterfalls, glacier, falls, peaks, mountains, kayak
sand, dune, spring, flowers, Death Valley
Alaska, ice cave, ice, blue, cold, frozen
Alaska, boundary range, glacier, peak, snow, high, Petersburg, Wrangell
Devil's thumb, lenticular, storm, peaks, alaska
Alaska, iceberg
iceberg, ice, lake, bay, Leconte, Alaska, glacier, sunrise
Takinshaw, Alaska, haines, glacier, moonlight, waterfall
Wizard Island, Crater Lake, Penstemon, Flowers, Wildflowers, Summer, Warm, Sunrise, Oregon, National Park