Tombstone.  Home of the Klondike and the great gold rush of 1898.  Here, I photographed it bathed in the gold of autumn...
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The Land of Gold

Tombstone Park, Yukon

Tombstone.  Home of the Klondike and the great gold rush of 1898.  Here, I photographed it bathed in the gold of autumn sunset. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.


First Snow
Lenticular Bubbles
Temple of Night (2015)
Downstream Summit
The Land of Gold
The Clouds Came to Life
Frozen Rainbow
Into the Flames (2011)
Farewell, Tombstone
Fountain of Life
Crystal Arch (2016)
Ice Bomb (2012)
Waterslide (2018)
Breaking the Sky (2014)
Powerlight (2011)
Summer Wilderness (2011)
The Distant End (2012)
Broken Clouds
The Peaks of the Lights (2012)
From Out of the Ice
Shadows of the Sky
Endless Beauty (2007)
From the Source
Island View (2011)
Autumn Sun
Winter Coming (2013)
The Gatekeeper
Crowning Light
Of Glaciers and Garden
Fortress of the Fog
Discover Again
Summer Song
Shattered Dawn
Veil of Light
Shark's Tooth (2015)
Green Mists (2012)
Mountain Paradise (2011)
Inside Out
For Existence (2016)
Under the Lights (2010)
Winter Wild
Night Curves
Creative Cloud
Fifteen Years
Two Against it All
Dance of the Night (2014)
New Rockies
Light Circle
Follow the Wind (2012)
Awaken to Dream (2013)
Between Day and Night (2012)
Imagination (2011)
Here to Forever (2012)
Nature Art
Winters Magic (2010)
Divide Peak
Swept Away
Crystalline Chamber (2012)
Color on the Cold (2011)
Northern Colors (2009)
In Winters Shadow (2011)
Spires at Night
Stars on the Ice
Castle on the Lake (2012)
Light from Above (2012)
Midnight Magic (2009)
Dark Lord (2011)
Mountain Kingdom (2008)
Blue Ice (2011)
Black Ice
Peaks of Ice
Rise and Fall (2016)
Winters Light (2012)
Aurora Wilderness (2011)
Light of the Storm (2013)
Electric Peaks
Neverending Light (2012)
Majesty (2008)
bubbles and snowflakes (2012)
Windstorm on the Lake
Stone of Ages (2011)
Winter Sun (2013)
Frigid Shadows
Crystal Waters
Camp in a dream
Arctic Tower
Through the Sky
Vision through the Storm
Defiance (2015)
The Valley of Silence
Athabasca Winter
Spider Ice
Together (2016)
Moon and the Towers
Descent into Madness
Crystal Wind
Red Winter
Frozen Moonlight
November Seventeen (2006)
Misty Cold
Left Behind
Green Vision (2011)
Winter Begins
Jagged Curves
Ice on the Fire
Snow Stone River
One Moment in Autumn
Sun River
Autumn Moraine
The Crystal Window (2016)
Black Snow (2012)
Red, Green, Yellow and Blue (2013)
Mosaic (2012)
Alpine Epic
Voices from Above
White Monsters
Because we can fly
Sound of Thunder (2011)