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Rift in the Clouds


One of the most spectacular views I've ever had, as a surprise morning fog (likely caused by freezing temps and a nearby river) enveloped the swell I was flying over as the sun dawned upon the desert landscape. These swells, also called reefs, are geologic wonderlands and are found in full view stretching for miles across several Utah and Arizona locations. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.

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Alaska, aurora, Yukon, ice, rime, winter, snow, forest
fisher towers, sunset, storm, climbing, Moab, titan
Reef, swell, Utah, sandstone
mars, red, bentonite, badlands, Utah, sunrise
moose, tracks, path, frozen, twilight, Alaska, moon, alpenglow
arizona, desert, badlands, painted, sunset
Chugach, winter, Alaska, frozen, clouds, mountains, cold, blue, clouds, storm, blowing
frozen, snowy, sunset, Alaskan, winter
Arroyo, wash, bentonite, Utah, arizona, southwest, badlands
Alaska, snowy, aurora, moonrise, moon
layers, mountains, sunset, Denali, aerial, Alaska
chugach, aurora, winter, hoar frost, ice, frozen
Snow, trees, Alaska, nalchina, January, winter, twilight
Three Sisters, broken top, snowy, winter, tumalo, Oregon, cascades, winter
Southwest, Utah, Arizona, tower, badlands, storm
gates of the arctic, aurora, sastrugi, Alaska, winter
swell, reef, arizona, utah, morning, fog
cactus, arizona, sunset
Hood, winter, sunrise, snowy, colorful, Oregon, government camp
desert, southwest, layers, badlands, wash, arroyo
ancient, juniper, tree, frame, red rock, Moab, Utah, sandstone, moon
Alaska, winter, snow, Chugach
factory butte, shadow, desert, badlands, Utah
aurora, sastrugi, arctic, brooks range, Alaska, winter
gates of the arctic, brooks range, aurora, moonlight, frozen, winter, snow, sastrugi
Moose, Alaska, Winter
Utah, towers, sunrise, storm
Bentonite, Utah, sunset
Rime, ice, Alaska, Chugach, winter, twilight, sunset
badlands, Utah, arizona, sunset
sun, canyon, slot, sandstone, Utah, desert, Escalante
chugach, aerial, winter, blue, cold, ice, Alaska
Alaska, winter, reflection, sunset, chugach, misty, cold
Utah, sunset, castleton, la salle, winter
painted desert, arizona
aurora, winter, Alaska, arctic
reef, Utah, arizona, geology, sunset, rocks, southwest, swell
frozen, frost, desert, badlands, stripes, Arizona
fall, Adams, volcano, clickitat, wetlands, autumn, mist, morning, Washington
Autumn, British Columbia, alpine, boundary range, jagged, Alaska, glacier
Patagonia, torres del Paine, lone, tree, meadow, reflection, winter, fog
Alaska, glacier, boundary range
Fairweather, glaciers, waterfalls, Alaska, coast
Lituya, Fairweather, Alaska, Bay, Shore, Waves, Beach, Alaska
morning, Sierra, autumn, sage, pine, aspen
mountains, glacier, twilight, fall, alaskan, fairweather
Yakutat, fall, autumn, bay, mountains
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Aurora, fairweather, mountains, glaciers, curtains, bay, lituya
glaciated, glacier, fairweather, Alaska, sunset
abstract, glacial, river, Alaska
bristlecone, saturn, moon, Jupiter, night, Milky Way, California
autumn, fairweather, Alaska, coast
Glacial rivers, abstract, aerial
St Elias, Surf, Ocean, Yakutat, Beach, Waves, Mountain, Alaska
Lightning, thunder, monsoon, Utah, cracked, dry, desert
Moraines, glaciers, Alaska, colorful
Sunset, Bristlecone, storm
foreboding, towers, fairweather, Alaska, sunset
person, figure, storm, reaching, alone, dramatic, moody, dark, lightning, plains, kansas
waterfowl, oakarito, New Zealand, lagoon, rainforest, birds
glacier, ice cave, Alaska, reflection
lightning, moon
wildflowers, spring, Arizona, cactus
tornado, supercell, kansas, mammatus, plains
below zero, icebow, ice, sundog, frigid, minus forty, Canadian rockies, jasper
Fisher towers, Utah, juniper, storm
jagged, rock, aurora, panorama, lake, frozen, ice, winter
mammatus, clouds, supercell, colorado, lone tree
Britlebrush, Arizona, cactus, spire, mountains
Chile, Patagonia, Coigue, Fiords, Rainforest, rain forest
Moab, red rock, winter, icy, stream, reflection
Breaksea, New Zealand, sound, fiord, beams
falls, fiordlands, New Zealand, rainforest
wildflowers, Alaska, glacier, boundary range, summer
texas, lone tree, storm, lightning, thunderstorm, mammatus
supercell, thunderstorm, Oklahoma, lightning
boundary range, devils thumb, burkett, glaciers, Alaska, British Columbia
Utah, badlands, lake Powell, spire, storm
Boulder Mountain, Utah, Sunrise, Snow, Winter, Aspen
ice bow, ice rainbow, extreme cold, Canadian Rockies
South Island, New Zealand, green islets, rainforest
Sandstone, reflection, Milky Way, night
Aspiring, New Zealand
New Zealand, Fiord, Southwest, Hall Arm
sunset, Fiordland, New Zealand, beams