I am a guide and tour leader.   On our trips there is photography, but it is guiding where I am truly at home, and no one else in the world can show you the places we visit on my trips in the way that I can.  I suppose I have always known this, evidenced by the fact i've been planning trips for clients into the wilderness since I was 18 years old! In fact, between my own trips and trips for various groups spent literally thousands of days on tours now! I take over 100 clients per year to photograph around the world. What I have learned through these many trips - what has become the majority of my life, is what I will pass on to those who join me for my photographic adventures.

My photographic "adventure" tours are like nothing else - I live this, and I'll be glad to show you my life and my passion for the wild landscape. Get ready for a break from the norm here - this is a spontaneous, action-packed, adventurous light chase of epic proportions! We'll do anything it takes to get to the best spots at the best times and i'm not hesitant in the slightest to adjust and react in any way conceivable to make that happen.

On my tours I may supply a whole group with backcountry camping equipment for a night, drive 300 miles to get that unbelievable location and great sunset that wasn't on the itinerary and cook a gourmet camp dinner for you while we're at it! Expect the unexpected, on my tours. In fact, we don't always have an itinerary at all! I might grab the whole group and take you on a wild 4x4 trail to a unique location or I might take you hiking off the trail completely to places rarely seen and photographed. I've had clients shooting new snowfall on my summer tours and we've had fifty square miles of dunes and 80-degree temperatures all to ourselves in the middle of winter. Whatever it is, wherever it is, we find it and capture it.

My tours are filled with unique offerings, locations and a unique style that will become part of your photographic process forever and give you the motivation, insight and understanding to truly get the most out of landscape photography. Whether it’s backcountry trekking to the most impressive aurora location on planet, across dunes in the middle-east or to hidden gems no other photographer has heard of, I will lead you there and we will celebrate great photographic opportunities. My trips are unforgettable and so is my style. You'll learn a lot and I want to empower you to get more out of every single trip you ever do. You might not ever look at the adventure of photography the same way again!

The vast majority of my clients return again and again. I have several that have taken 10 or more tours with me in the past and the reason is there isn't anything in the business quite like this! If you happen to be one of so many working professionals out there who want to make the most of your photo vacation, let me show you why a week with me will be the best week you can possibly spend with the landscape, improving your understanding of photography.. This is my passion in life and I'm as excited to be your guide as you will be to be capturing the amazing pictures we find!

I have trips suited for most ability levels and preferences, so please contact me for detailed information on each trip available.