Personal Favorites

It's certainly a difficult task to select images for a personal favorites gallery, but hopefully by doing so I can give my viewer just a little more insight as to the types of images I strive to create and hold in high regard as my greatest accomplishments in the realm of nature photography. Mood and emotion are the primary elements I seek to capture in all of my work, and for me, these are the images that evoke that emotional response the strongest. This should be different for everyone, of course, as the things that bond us to a particular photograph are derrived from a broad variety of personal experiences.

Heaven on Earth (2013)
Snow Tornado (2017)
Heart of the Tree (2016)
Tower of the Gods
palm trees, Monterrey, peaks, jagged, cliffs, mountains, Mexico, sunrise
Grove of the Glacier
Heaven and Hell
Wonder of Being (2015)
Minus Fifty (2011)
Paradise Forest (2008)
Snow Kingdom
Fury (2015)
The Other Side (2013)
Ice Rainbow
So Long for this Moment (2012)
Cool the Flames (2014)
Lenticular Show (2009)
For Eternity (2014)
Mystic Valley
Homage to the Mountain God (2010)
Rider of the Tempest (2010)
Light From Within (2007)
Cloud Dancers
Forest of the Lights
The Crystal Window (2016)
Tahoma the Great (2014)
Field of Dreams (2016)
The Silent Audience (2016)
Sun Magic (2009)
Lightcatchers (2010)
Ice Throne
The Beginning (2006)
Maiden Shower (2009)
Himalayan Desert
Aspen Frame
Snow Globe (2015)
Lenticular Dance
Moon Shrine (2012)
Winters Fury (2006)
Above All
Moonlit Majesty (2014)
Temple of the Lost
Greeting the Moon
Cold and Alone (2007)
Eyes Can't Tell Us
Red River Glacier
In the Heart of the Storm
Towers of the Wind
Falls Frame
The Rift