From high vantage points one can overlook the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow dance across the surfaces of glaciers...
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Far Far Away

Wrangell Saint Elias, Alaska

From high vantage points one can overlook the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow dance across the surfaces of glaciers large enough to cover entire cities.  This land of rock and ice defies all attempts to describe it's world-class vastness and relief, with expedition style efforts being required to scale all of its highest peaks.  In fact, more high peaks are found here than any other place in North America and it holds more glaciers than any non-polar mountain range in the entire world.  It is also the largest preserved wilderness on Earth, spanning Alaska and Canada over 100,000 square kilometers.  Very rarely though, does weather allow for travel into such places, let alone in good light.  Very rarely, do you see ANY photos of the interior of these ranges, among the largest peaks.  I am going to hope to change that soon, with some of the region's most magnificent peaks and glacial ice fields on display in this collection and on large print. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.


Towers of the Wind
Alpine Epic
Life Returns
In the Sea of Storms
Earth Lines
Shadows of the Sky
View of the Gods
Curves and Lines
Stairstep Desert
Triangle Canyon
Eye of the Ghost
Desert Rainbow
Red Ridges
Leading Lines
Devil's Kingdom
Frozen Heaven
Sand, Water and Light
Voices from Above
Endless Terrace
Washed Stripes
Desert Patterns
White Monsters
Endless Ridge
Twilight Curves
Namibia Desert
Light Flood
Canyon Desert
Giants of the Fiords
Cloud Dancers
The Future Sea
Den of the Lost
Flamingo Dots
Cloverleaf Desert
Invisible Storm
Blink of an Eye
Terrace Desert
Breaking the Sky
The Clouds Came to Life
Because we can fly
African Desert Layers
Ice River Mountains (2012)
Rift in the Clouds
End of the Line
Dangerous Confusion
The Journey
Down by the Bend
Peaceful Peak
Autumn Bend
Stripes Below the Sun
The Wall
Knife Edge
Between Dunes and Mountains
Wilderness Shore
Autumn Dawn
Moose Pond
Dreamcatcher (2018)
Out of Bounds
Layer Beams
Into the Void
Giants of the Cold
The Great Ice
Tides of the Earth
Cold Land
Far Far Away
Glacier Fall