The circle of life here on display in the glorious Fiordlands of New Zealand
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Forest River

New Zealand

The circle of life here on display in the glorious Fiordlands of New Zealand. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.


Golden Tower
Summer Jewels
Kingdom of the Wind (2013)
Jungle Cave
Magic Mirror
For a Dream (2015)
Ice Throne
Blue Crystal
Crowning Light
Wonder of the Fiords
High Garden
The Mountains of Peace
Fortress of the Clouds (2017)
Boom (2013)
Desert of the Mountains
Breath of Dreams
Symphony of Earth
Into the Storm
Above the Cold (2013)
Alone Together
Song of Autumn
Magic Meadows
Wings of the Sun
Northern Colors (2009)
Temple of Night (2015)
Audience of One
Downstream Summit
Shark's Tooth (2015)
Fall (2015)
Dawn Above (2015)
Wind, Rain and Sun
Misty Fiords
Before Us
Himalaya Autumn (2015)
Defiance (2015)
The Towers
Cloud Ripper
Neverending Light (2012)
Amin Brakk
Timeless River
Outward Bound (2015)
Frozen Rainbow
Looking Forever (2013)
Mystic Park (2015)
Forest River
Huckleberry Peaks
Into the Flames (2011)
Holding On
Golden Towers (2014)
Tranquility (2007)
Fountain of Life
Breath of the Storm (2015)
Stone of Ages (2011)
Golden Crown
Crystal Arch (2016)
The Finger
Ice Bomb (2012)
Waterslide (2018)
Catching the Sun (2013)
Symmetry Stream
Symmetry (2009)
Slow Fall
From the Winds
Fire Lake
Kangshung (Everest and Lhotse) (2015)
Forces of Nature (2006)
Rise (2013)
The Secret Valley
Cast in Ice
Pain Frame
Angel Wings
Great Beyond (2008)
Heavens Gate
Breaking the Sky (2014)
Powerlight (2011)
Lord of the Valley (2006)
Rare Morning (2011)
Desert Jungle
Summer Wilderness (2011)
The Distant End (2012)
Broken Clouds
Window to the Fjords
White Valley Colors (2011)
The Peaks of the Lights (2012)
Mountain Paradise (2011)
Thoughts of Morning (2010)
The Curtains Close
Heaven's Gates (2008)
Going to the Sun (2007)
The Storm Wall (2006)
Hidden Below
Melting Pool
Still Dreaming (2008)
Ice Fall
Twilight  (2009)
Colors of the Fiords
Surrounded (2014)
Life on the Edge
The Dark Towers
Ice Meadow
Moonlit Dreams
Glacier Cascades (2012)
Glacier Layers
S Curves
Garden of the Rising Sun (2015)
Olive Garden
Audience of One (2013)
Glacier Garden
Ghost in the Rain
Night Cap
Sound of Thunder (2011)
Seasons Gone By (2008)
Lighting the Way (2010)
Wicked Red
Let there be light (2014)
Search of Warmth (2013)
The North Face
Tree and the Towers
Eternal Light (2009)
Patagonia Shore (2014)
From Out of the Ice
Awakening (2013)
Cliff Layers
Endless Beauty (2007)
Twilight Fjord
Vertical Realm
Summer Pond (2014)
Chamber of the Mountain
Jurassic Park
Never Lost
The Last Moment (2011)
From the Source
Sierra Awakens
Beautiful Day (2006)
Island View (2011)
North Towers
Green Mists (2012)
The Bonsai Coast
Sun Valley (2015)
Of All Wonders (2015)
Mist Mountain Colors (2006)
Three Sisters Storm (2009)
Mountain Curves (2015)
Sierra Autumn
Alpine Luminescence
The Endless Range (2007)
The Land of Gold
Fall Paradise
High Sierra Twilight (2005)
To the Mountain (2011)
Mountain Park (2015)
Summer Home (2015)
Autumn Sun
Winter Coming (2013)
The Gatekeeper
Winter Moonbeams (2014)
Of Glaciers and Garden
Floor of the Ceiling
Glacial Garden (2015)
Everest (2015)
Fortress of the Fog
Between Rain and Sun (2013)
The Mountain Sea (2016)
Gracing our Presence
Autumn Ice
Discover Again
Fiord Tree
Way to the Light (2018)
Summer Song
Red and Blue