On an early winter trip into the Yukon this year during which I guided an international crew of 8 photographers...
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Swept Away

Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon

On an early winter trip into the Yukon this year during which I guided an international crew of 8 photographers and a filmmaker, we arrived via helicopter for the start of our week-long trek and found the lakes were swept free of snow and the ice had formed in some pretty incredible large scale patterns around the edges of the shore.  Within a few days we were shooting the aurora over this frozen world, from one of our camps, and I was fortunate to witness what may have been he most intense display I've ever seen.  Like a strobe light, the aurora so brightly flashing and so quickly that in 3 shots per second none of the exposures looked alike!  Booming like fireworks and dancing across all sides of the spectrum above me, I captured it, taking hundreds of shots, and in a place I had been dreaming about since 7 years before when I was last with these mountains. Photo © copyright by Marc Adamus.


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